Week #2 (Discussion)

Writing has always been something that just comes natural to me. I do not really have a certain method, or technique to get started. I tend to just sit at my computer and start letting my mind and imagination take me where it wants to go. In fact, most times I do not even realize what I am writing about until I take a second and look up to see words flowing off the pages like little ink doves. It is almost like some entity takes over to brain dump and the rest of me naps until the work is finished. I think I have a little spark in my brain that kicks on, goes into overdrive, and takes over my sight and fingers, not too shabby considering my work tends to be inspiring and fundamentally hilarious at times.

I am certain that my brobdingnagian personality must play a big role in my writing, just as well as my adventurous lifestyle and experiences from traveling around the world. Without these things, I think it would perhaps be much harder to be creative. Without experiences, my writing would be stifled.

I assume that it is always easier to have a certain topic to get my brain started. Though writing has always been one of my most favorite things to do. Fantasy stories, or even real, yet unbelievable stories are my specialty.

Sit me in a room, hand me a tall glass of wine and let’s get started!



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