Genre Assignment: Poetry


Hearts are intertwined,

He loves all parts of her mind

She is his savior.

By the Gods Design

As he caresses my neck pure love flowing though my body,

his breath making every moment more intentional.

He tries to calm my fears.

I assumed anxiety would push me to tears.

This time it’s different.

He is sweet, and caring, he inhales every sip of my essence.

I become more in love, knowing he would from now on embrace me,

with every thought and every word.

He is in fact, what I have been looking for.

For he is my savior.

How can I tell the earth that this one human can be so admirable yet, I know all others shall be condemned?

They will never know of my essence, only him.

His embrace sparks a light in me that nobody has ever seen.

The Envy in the Gods, even Odin would see us as a competition.



Stuck together,

Bound by the universe.

Inseparable they are not.

It’s Love.


Everything I feel

Is because he gave me ire,

Everything I see

Is nothing now but light and fire.

He was my every desire.


A heart enflamed with bright desires,

Who can seem to extinguish the fires.

It’s not me that made this mistake

For burning love and wonderful fate.

I cannot seem to put them out

The fires that had started, help?

Letter to the Professor

Dear Professor,

Poetry can be anything from a few simple lines, such as a little haiku, to a larger scale sonnet. There are many variations of poetry, I had never known until recently. My experience with poetry has become more open and vast. I was so unaware of the so many techniques that I would use but never knew what they were.

Poetry as a reader has never been one of my strong suits, I am more of a writer myself, I can understand and see the images other authors crate, but just not as vividly as I can when I write my own. As a writer, I do however think it gives me the advantage to see their creative imagery better than most who were just readers who never wrote.



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