Little Thoughts

Normal is just a consensus of society made up by majorities of same belief, not necessarily normal just deemed by the masses as such word.
Resonates with boring
Like conformity of humanity
Herd instinct
It exists in all societies
Broken Angel
Freed from chains, yet even so, an angel with broken wings can not fly back to heaven, where it belongs. The icy chill of her frozen heart that was never thawed. The warmth from him could have saved her, even so she couldn’t let him get to close, this time was the the last time she could have truly been freed from her emptiness inside her. She washed it away with the tears of a thousand rains and stood still and watched as time raced by, clocks ticking, every minute stealing breath after breath. Lifeless she stood as the last view she seen was the bonded remains that he had left for her behind. The remains that could have in time saved her. She wore her heart on her finger, as she walked away with shame and sorrow and she passed by once more feeling so hallow. She glanced back as she lit the match. She was all alone now broken and hollow. Even more so than she ever had been. Colder chill, emptier heart. He couldn’t save her with all he tried it was an angle of broken wings and broken things. Yet the fires of hell filled her and ruined her. She was… she was something to him… she was.. nothing to him.. she was… she just was.

Life Is Unfair

They say life is not fair because it’s full of suffering and sorrow. They don’t know that it’s not fair because you are so unique and there is none like you. So the unfairness fell upon all the other men of the world the day I possessed your heart. For they will all die without knowing what the word woman means. For you are a woman who teaches the man not how to love but how to live. If the man is to love he must know how to live first. A woman who knows how to let a man engulf her, for the true man needs to protect and give a lot more than to take and get protected. A woman who writes history, change the present and make the future brighter. A woman who knows how to smile and her eyes know how to laugh. A woman who knows how to take the gentle caresses and turn them into beautiful carvings on her skin. A woman who knows how to make eternal tattoos by mere kisses, and make the day pass by the moment she opens her eyes in the morning. A woman who makes her man a giant and her eyes can slay and resurrect. You, my love, are the reason why life is unfair.

Ticking Time

Clock ticks it’s all she hears straight from her head these dismal fears, she’s alone and cold, scared and broken. How many hours has that old clock spoken. She lay awake her nightmares real, but what for the little girl who used to feel? Just a memory as that clock ticks on. Soon she will be all gone, just like the clock in its years it stops ticking. For once in her life she will feel like it’s fitting. Let go of time and love and hate. For those were just moments and moments of fate.

Names Mean Nothing

Nameless he was, but the thought of this nameless person was enticing. Nameless sure, but maybe that’s what made him all the more alluring. Nameless was just his simple name, not by the name as one would personally call him. Nameless he is, shameless he was. That first message he sent was the starting of us. Nameless he was and too many I had. I never would thought it would end up like that. Love in our eyes and a hopeless romance. Holding and kissing and hugging at last. A whirlwind of emotions a essence so true. How could I not fall for a person like you? He asked me this, “for why do you love me.” Not one thing I wrote could compare to the longing. His touch and his kiss, his hold on my heart. I know from now on we will never part. For nameless he is and shameless he was. That first message sent was the story of us.

His Love

“You do not deserve this, you beautiful thing.” he said to her, as she sobbed into her soft little hands. “Maybe I do, some part of me deserves bad things, I am sure.” He embraces her so tightly, as if he were to let go she would surely slip away, and assures her that she, above all things should never deserve anything less than the brightness of this broken world.

Secret to the Universe

Silence except that buzzing busy bee, who whispered secrets of the universe into my ear, if I only could understand him. Spider webs were glistening like glitter in the sunlight between the trees of mossy hair. Prickly as a pear, the brokenness of the twigs in between ferns shown were the animals were escaping to. Chirping warnings filled the air, the breathing stood still to all living creatures, and the bellowing bang of the gun rings in the distance. The bee’s eyes fill with tears as it saw how beautiful the earth can be, yet how it’s main inhabitants could be so cruel. “We should have listened”, said the bee.


Ducks bellowing from the pond below it’s so fragile the water so enticing as if it were warm yet in fact if you were to touch it the cold would slowly kill you. How can these beings endure so much pain, are they the lost humans that once roamed our earth and got stuck on the shallows and hollows of the mind in turn becoming a simple duckling to frolic and feel that cold is just a temperature not a state of the heart

His Thoughts

He pondered what I was doing as he sat in anticipation gazing at the splashing ducks, his mind a whirl for there was so many sounds and smells.


She looked upon her son as if she was grateful that he would become more than she had ever anticipated. This was what love truly looked like. So quiet through the woods, not a peep of downfall and the sun was clear,bright and shining, all to hear was life, the snoring puppy saint, whispering winds through the trails and tree limbs. The leaves dancing in whirls as if they just learned ballet. The birds were chirping, the pond was so still after the frolicking of the ducklings that the mother allowed. Still one sleeping saint, softly snoring now, the other on alert. She hears danger and won’t let this happen while he slumbers.

Missing You

I miss you like the beach would miss the moon if it wasn’t there and drowned it away like nothing ever had happened between the two.

Whispering Soulmate

The tree limbs and the leaves are clapping as if I were something to admire. The wind so crisp and chill, yet echoing through the forest as if it lost her mate. Ducklings in the pond having their last playful moment as mother is off to wash. Silence comes over the forest, and she, she feels so alone, she longs for her lover. Waiting in the sunlight forage, her and her feeling lay waiting for that embrace of essence to cure her dismal state.

This World

There is a lot of corruption in this world and many can take a blinds eye to it. I cannot understand how the world has grown to be so cold, and not from a heartless perspective either, but also as a geological stand point. I am sure the ice age will come once again, before the heat of the earth turns to resemble the domicile of hell, and destruction and chaos to follow for the rest of our existence.

Sadness in this earth of ours. Our humanity was supposed to be a word of peace, yet in fact, it’s just a word of disparity. Life is not a great tale that is told, but it might be a lesson left behind for those who listen, and maybe you listen, as do I.

Relax, is the least we can do for our minds in the rambles of the world that could in turn crush our spirits and our force of life itself. It has, and will be done but for now keep your mind at ease, it will soon need to awaken with vengeance.


Concrete Feelings

Now when you think concrete you think it’s something tangible, something you can smell, touch and feel.

But, sometimes something concrete can be something much more than that.

A message, one little message.

I love you “he said”.

I couldn’t believe that a message, so small, could have such inspiring meaning.

This was the world given in a tiny wrapped gift, as if it were just a pebble.

That pebble, inspired the light of me, it inspired much more than that.

 It was everything.

It was the start of my soul.

The end to my suffering.

It was everything I ever wanted.

A galaxy glistening from the palm of my hands in that little lit screen.

He loved me, and I loved him.

This was real, this was us, this was it.


We hide the key to our own futures.


I have felt the warm slip of death, it felt as if sleep was solace for the first time. Not something one can really remember, for there is nothing to remember. Just as if you were to fall asleep in your bed, tucked in with a kiss, you fade, and you never really know you are, you just, are. Just this time, you never have to deal with being tired again. Not a flash of light or life of memory not a heat of embrace to welcome you, no sorrow or the cold hand of death to take your palm. Just silence, darkness, nothingness, complete solace. A mind lost. It just is .